Pumping Solutions

Who is Grundfos?

An annual production of more than 16 million pump units makes Grundfos one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Circulator pumps for heating and air-conditioning as well as other centrifugal pumps for the industry, water supply, sewage and dosing are the main products. Today Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulators, covering app. 50% of the world market of these pumps. In addition to pumps Grundfos produces standard and submersible motors as well as state-of-the-art electronics for monitoring and controlling pumps. Grundfos has decades of experience developing controller and monitoring systems for pumping solutions and manufactures its own pump motors for all fluid types and flow requirements. This ensures a perfect match with hydraulics, motors, electrics, and all other mechanical components that make up a comprehensive pumping solution, ensuring the best possible efficiency point.

Purichem offers our clients with various Grundfos pumping solutions within our services:

  • Domestic Building Services:

When it comes to the domestic and residential building services we provide intelligent solutions and energy-saving technology already provide comfortable and convenient living conditions through Grundfos Boosting and Pumping systems. Our domestic pressure boosting range is no exception. It delivers outstanding pump efficiency at low power consumption, ensuring homeowners the perfect combination of high comfort and low energy cost. Many solutions include variable speed drives which makes it possible to match pump performance with varying demands for flow .

Let us not forget our fire systems ranging from simple pump-driver systems to highly innovative engineered and packaged systems in compliance with almost all relevant fire standards. We are proud to have the widest range of fire approvals and listings worldwide. Our deep experience with fire standards, regulations and codes is maintained and developed in our fire competence centers .

  • Water Treatment Solutions

Water treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end-use and to ensure that stringent quality standards to the consumer are maintained. Can supply pumping solutions for solids separation using mechanical treatments such as settling and filtration, when it comes to chemical treatments such as disinfection and coagulation, Purichem can supply complete dosing pump systems for large or small volumes and based on different technologies for flocculation, disinfection, and pH adjustment. Moreover, the Grundfos range of electronic and electrochemical accessories offers complete control of your dosing and disinfection processes and can be seamlessly integrated into your system. 

  • Waste Water Treatment Solutions:

Wastewater is any water that has been adversely affected in quality by industrial or human influence. It comprises liquid waste discharged by domestic residences, commercial properties, industry, and/or agriculture and can encompass a wide range of potential contaminants and concentrations. To accomplish that Purichem relies on a broad range of Grundfos equipment designed specifically for wastewater handling and treatment. The sustainability of a sewage treatment plant requires that the solution is durable, ensuring cost effective and trouble-free operation. Not just that, when it comes to routine maintenance and spare parts supply Purichem is what you need.

  • Pharmaceutical industry solutions:

Purichem chose the best match in pumps who perfectly understands the hygienic challenges encountered in the pharmaceutical, biotech and personal care industries, Grundfos. As a full-line supplier we offer thoroughly tried and tested sanitary solutions for every conceivable pump application, including:

  • Upstream processes
  • Downstream processes
  • Water for injection systems
  • CIP/SIP-systems
  • Clean utility systems

 Agricultural Water Treatment Solutions

Purichem pumping solutions can supply irrigation pumping solutions that reduce energy costs, safeguards the water resource, and keeps productivity at its best. Our pumping expertise and technology ensure uniform coverage despite changeable conditions. We offer our clients the industry’s broadest line of irrigation pumping systems. Our pumping systems are efficient, tested for reliability and designed to work seamlessly with modern farming operations.



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