RO system (600m3\day)


Client / Site Alexandria Agriculture Co. (Lamar Factory)
Location Alexandria-Cairo Desert road.
Client’s need / Requirements High quality water for diary and juice factory with special requirements.
Project Turn-key water treatment plant including 200 (m3/day) RO system and 600 (m3/day) UV disinfection system.
Objective The plant was designed to achieve target water quality – with maximum recovery ratio [min. 75%] and relatively low operating cost.



The plant is composed of pretreatment unit and a two stage R.O.plant at design conditions (25°C water temperature, 310 ppm T.D.S).

 The plant consists of the following:

Feed water booster system.

  • Pre-treatment System.
  • Anti-scalant, Anti fouling chemical dosing system.
  • SMBS dosing system.
  • Micro-filtration unit.
  • Reverse Osmosis system.
  • Cleaning in place (CIP) system for R.O membranes.
  • Automatic control system for the plant.
  • RO Storage tank .
  • Online TDS meter.

UV disinfection unit.



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