Turn-Key plant for control Phenol in Industrial Water


Client / Site Alexandria Mineral Oil Company AMOC
Location El-Max, Alexandria, Egypt
Client’s need / Requirements Degradation of Phenol from Industrial Wastewater Using Anolytic Products of Brine Solutions
Project Turn-key plant for producing mixed oxidants by electrolysis of brine solution and destroying phenol in (80 m3/hr) industrial wastewater.
Objective Achieve the environmental guidelines for Phenol in waste water (0.05 ppm).

AMOC effluent wastewater had phenol content of 2 ppm which did not meet environmental legislation to discharge to open surface. PuriChem (in conjugation with REDO® GmbH) proposed the use of anolyte oxidation method presented in REDO® PURE 250S units to minimize phenol concentration in the final wastewater effluent below 0.05 ppm which meets the environmental legislation.

Considering that this (AMOC case) was the first time (Global) to use anolytic oxidation method in petrochemical wastewater, the two parts agreed to setup a pilot plant to obtain results, and through analysis of these results both parts will be able to evaluate the quality of the process, determine the optimum operation conditions, and avoid the major drawbacks prior to scale-up design.



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