Alexandria Carbon Black DPRO Water Treatment Plant



Client / Site Aditya Birla ( Alexandria Carbon Black ) 
Location Borg el Arab, Alexandria, Egypt
Client’s need / Requirements

DPRO water treatment plant, using ZLDA


-Phase I: Double pass RO (DPRO) for High pressure Boiler Demineralized water (1200 m3/day)

-Phase II: R2RO treatment Plant to treat DPRO system reject water to be reused in cooling tower (650 m3/day).

– Phase III: Cooling tower bleed water recycling pre-treatment system (432 m3/day)

-Total effluent water now is (192 m3/day) instead of (1200 m3/day) before project  , plan in 2019 is to reduce to 3 m3/hr only and complete 90% ZLDA project.

Objective The new system was able to:
• Utilize waste water.
• Utilize Energy.
• Cost Saving



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