Water Demineralization plant (200m3\h)


Client / Site Alex. Fiber Co. (AFCo.)
Location Amreya El Nahda Road -Alex
Client’s need / Requirements Alexandria Fibers company required ultra-pure water for Acrylic Fiber Manufacturing.
Project Design, commissioning & start-up of water Demineralization Plant. With a capacity of [200 m3/h].
Objective Production of ultra-pure water for Acrylic Fiber Manufacturing.


The Demineralization Plant is designed to produce total Product Water flow of 200 m3/hr divided as follows:

– 20 m3/hr of Reverse Osmosis product water with quality 8 ppm TDS.

 180 m3/hr of Demineralization water with quality EC < 0.3 μS/cm.

 The system is composed by N°3 two stage R.O trains and N°2 Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Polisher for producing the overwritten quantity of water at design conditions (25°C water temperature, 368 ppm TDS).



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